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About Us

Through daily yoga, chanting, meditation, and becoming mindful of what you eat and drink, you can start on a yogic path that will lead to contentment in all aspects of your life.  Most of these practices I learned from my parents, however my physical yoga practice began in 2006, when I fell in love with Hatha yoga.  I became a certified yoga instructor Sivananda yoga and found that sharing my practice brings peace and joy, to my students and myself.

Jivan is life.  Make your life a gift to yourself and to the universe.  Jivi means life force.  Use your Jivi to embrace life to the fullest and share your renewed enthusiasm with everyone you come into contact.

Our human existence is a gift.  The present moment is the only time we can enjoy the gift of our existence.  Join me in a yoga journey where you can unwrap the essence of who you are and what your life is meant to be.

About Us

Strong spiritual relationships drive yoga, sustainability, and personality growth.

Daily yoga and meditation practice that led to positive changes in all facets of life.

Jivi Yoga’s Meditation Teacher: Melissa

Ten years ago, Melissa began a daily yoga and meditation practice that led to positive changes in all facets of her life. She not only strengthened her body and became more flexible, but she also developed a deeper appreciation for life. She gained clarity on how to be calm and happy, even when things in life are chaotic. Since becoming a yogi, Melissa recognizes that practicing yoga and meditation regularly is the foundation that leads to feeling enthusiastic while maintaining calm energy that others will notice.

As a classroom teacher for almost 30 years, Melissa uses her teaching expertise to help others develop a daily meditation practice of their own. She wants to show you that regardless of adversity and life circumstances, we all have the right to feel calm and peaceful. By sharing her sincere devotion to yoga, meditation, and pranayama with the Jivi community, she hopes to guide you towards living a life where you can be fully present for yourself and the people you love. Please join Melissa to practice the tools that will enrich your life and help you to realize your life’s purpose.


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